Map of animal welfare services that Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. has provided in Romania

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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The Center of Hope

Center of Hope Grand Opening

The Center of Hope opened its doors to a preview audience on October 16. Attendees from Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Romania, Switzerland, UK, and USA attended. The Dream Team of vets and techs were introduced to all. Dr Aurelian Stefan, Ruth Osborne, and Dr. Petrisor Stefan led tours of the Center. It was an amazing and tearful day for most of us—a dream coming true! Please support us to purchase more equipment to open the doors to the animals and begin our hard work.

Center of Hope Grand Opening
Click image to watch a video that Frank made for the Center of Hope.

We would like to dedicate this newsletter to Marley, the beloved and inspirational boy of Zach Stow. Marley has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Please keep him and Zach in your prayers.

Map of animal welfare services that Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. has provided in Romania

Click image to watch a video of Ms. Hess being greeted after coming home from hospital.

We are also dedicating this newsletter to Ms. Sonja Hess, devout animal lover and RAR supporter. She passed away from bowel cancer in August at the age of 84.

Dear Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay/Neuter International Friends and Supporters.

These past few months since our Summer newsletter have been amazing. The Center of Hope Bucharest had its preview opening. The new website is complete and wonderful. Both and now share the same website. Thanks to the hard work by the fabulous marketing team: Ingrid, Oana, Rob, Diana and Madalina!

Spays/neuters and veterinary care have continued throughout Romania and at the end of October we returned to Bulgaria for more spay and neuter service. The little boy, Toby, brought in by a Good Samaritan for help at Homeless Animal Hospital, Craiova, is now adopted and will be traveling with Marleys Mutts founder Zach Stow to California in November. Zach and his friends will be visiting Romania in November as well!

Thank you for reading this very full newsletter and for your ongoing support. Equipping the Center of Hope is our greatest need at the moment so that we can open the Center and begin our work for the animals. An X-Ray machine, ultrasound, and many other items are needed that are listed on our new website

Please support us and share our work. Together, we are changing the way animals are treated in Romania and other impoverished regions. We already have achieved so much! Thank you dear friends!

With Love and Best Wishes,
Nancy Janes

October Spayathon, Romanian Village Campaign
October Spayathon, Dr. A and Nancy with Toby
Cats awaiting to be spayed

Dear Friends

When I was a little boy I used to watch the trains pass by and together with my friends were singing about how the train should stop and pick us up. These were the days when everybody wanted to leave this country. Romanians were prisoners in their own country and the communist regime controlled everything. After the revolution a lot of Romanians left as they lost confidence in this country's future. I have never lost faith and all we do at RAR has the main purpose and goal to restore HOPE. Hope for a better future for both animals and people.

It has been 14 years since RAR came to Romania and this year we can finally say we have a home and what a home it is! Situated in the outskirts of Bucharest on a big piece of land is a place where animals receive a second chance and where new beginnings are shaped. We have worked so hard for it in the last year and definitely we could not have done it without your wonderful help. The Center is completed as a general infrastructure but now a second step lies ahead of us: Equipment, furniture and creating a bigger compassionate team so that we can help more animals and generate a bigger impact. We are determined to play a key and big role in Romanian animal welfare as a whole and we will work towards reaching our goal, a Romania with fewer homeless souls.

Many of our friends asked us how we shall work from now on: Definitely we will not give up our mobile Spayathons as animals in remote locations need our help so we will work in a dual way. Making this big project reality is something that boosts our work and our imagination about how we can promote animal welfare to a larger number of people but also how to share ideas with people all over the world that are welcome to visit us and join our projects.

Homeless Animal Hospital has now a second home and this means more animals treated and helped towards a better life. Training seminars are taken to another level for both veterinary professionals and for the larger public with focus on younger generations. This past month we also received the news that our German branch is official and German friends have now a very easy possibility to donate. In Germany RAR is represented under the name of WAVE, e.V., and Claudia Dörrig will be in charge of the German branch. The October Hope-spayathon went very well and after that we invited our friends for a preview of Center of Hope .

It all happens with the speed of a fast train, just like the ones in my childhood. The only differences are that now the trains are branded with positive messages, they stop in every station, and give the children a wonderful experience.

God Bless you,
Dr. Aurelian Stefan, DVM
ASNI/RAR General Manager,
Familyvet Veterinary Clinic

Map of animal welfare services that Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. has provided in Romania

Welcome, Adunatii Copaceni, Clinceni, Copaceni, Cretesti, Dabuleni, Danculesti, Lipia, Osica De Sus, Sadova, Tg Frumos, to our growing spay/neuter family!

Thank you for your support in helping us reach out to all of these cities, towns, and villages in Romania! Thanks to your support, 2253 spay/neuter procedures were performed in September and October.

September Totals:

  • Adunatii Copaceni 38
  • Campineanca 114
  • Cluj 185
  • Comanesti 247
  • Craiova 114
  • Iasi 50
  • Lipia 72
  • Moreni 57
  • Panciu 105
  • Rosiori 38
  • Tg Frumos 50

TOTAL: 1070

October Totals:

  • Bulgaria 205
  • Clinceni 57
  • Cretesti 73
  • Iasi 50
  • Lipia 67
  • Rosiori 45
  • Targoviste 45
  • Tecuci 80
  • Vatra Dornei 53
  • Spay/Hope event 508 (villages of Dabuleni, Danculesti, Osica De Sus, Sadova and Family Vet Clinic)

TOTAL: 1183

September and October Combined Total: 2253

Total Spays/Neuters Funded Worldwide: 52,615

Spay/Neuter (ASNI) News

Craiova Spayathon 2016

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. and Animal Spay/Neuter International have reached out to even more communities with the spaymobile, HOPE. Organized by locals in rural locations, Ruth Osborne, Frank Goralski, Suzy Alexander, were helped by volunteers from Europe, the USA, Canada and the UK. The HOPE spayathon was able to reach five remote villages and provided spay/neuter to places that have no vets or help. We set the alarm for 5 AM each morning to get ready for an event-filled day, assembled at the Family Vet clinic and were on the road by around 6 AM. Nevermind the cold and rain, it didn't stop us from completing our mission!

In the entire campaign that lasted a week and consisted of work with both the mobile clinic and at Family Vet clinic in Craiova, 475 animals were spayed and neutered. In total for this campaign that began in September, 622 animals have been spayed/neutered for the public free of charge thanks to donor support. That is potentially thousands of unwanted puppies that will never suffer, know starvation, disease, get hit by cars, or end up at the Breasta "shelter". Here is a quote from our dear friend, Oliviu Miu, who runs the charity, Speranta, and deals with the over-population of unwanted animals on a daily basis:

"This is the reason for the mobile clinic: A village too far from any city, people who would like to have their animals safe but cannot afford a 200 kilometer trip back and forth to a city where this can be solved. These people (Romania Animal Rescue vets, techs, volunteers) deserve a standing ovation."

We have been asking for donations for our biggest spayathon of the year, and you responded with such great support. We invite you to sit back, peruse these photos and see the great work that you enabled us to do with your generous donations. Enjoy these photos from the remote village HOPE campaigns, as well as a sampling from some other campaigns held recently.

Craiova Spayathon

Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon Craiova Spayathon

Animal Spay/Neuter International Returns to Bulgaria

Bulgaria Spayathon

We were asked to return to Bulgaria to perform another spayathon for Lucy and the community. It was another great event, co-sponsored by ASNI and 4 Stray Dogs, Norway. ASNI would like to thank all who helped to fundraise for this mission, Chris, Dutch RAR Family, Trodelei auction, Annemiek,, 4 Stray Dogs, and our wonderful supporters who allowed for this return. We will be back!

Bulgaria Spayathon Bulgaria Spayathon

Animal Care (Homeless Animal Hospital) News

Abandoned puppies

Puppies, the Sad Tale of Unwanted Ones

Center of Hope
Click image to watch the video of these puppies getting fed.

Early in the morning, Vicki and Daniela found a plastic bag with abandoned puppies dumped outside of the Craiova clinic. Starving cold unwanted puppies. They were brought in and given food with a syringe. Then the search began. Who would take these puppies into foster care? You see, puppies are so vulnerable, and every rescuer is afraid that they will expose them to diseases. Finding a place that was safe, clean and secure was not an easy job. Vicki and Daniela took them into their apartment for safe keeping and these four little ones joined us during a spayathon day, but a permanent place had to be found for foster care and safety. Thank goodness, via our network of rescuer friends, we found Aurelia who took them into her apartment to keep them from exposure to the elements, diseases, and injury. Your donations allowed us to do this. Please help us to be able to find and fund other foster care providers and food when the need arises. The animals depend on our vast network of friends, our friends depend on us, and we depend on you to continue this highly emotional and necessary work. Please help us to spay and neuter so fewer pups will suffer this fate.

Toby, from Being a Nobody to Becoming a Celebrity

Center of Hope
Click image to watch the video of Toby for adoption with Zach Skow and Marleys Mutts in USA.

Do you remember Toby? The little dog that was brought in by a Good Samaritan having been run over by a car? He is one of the thousands of dogs and cats that receives help via the Homeless Animal Hospital Project that provides free or low cost care to those who need it most. Souls who otherwise would have no help or hope.

Toby caught the eye of Zach Skow, Founder of Marleys Mutts, the wonderful charity in California. Zach has offered to adopt Toby and will visit Romania Animal Rescue in November in Romania and bring the little fellow back home with him! Toby had his leg amputated, but as you can see from the video by Dr. A, has made a full recovery and is ready to go!

On a personal note, it was nice to meet you in Stinson Beach Tom! I hope we can do some amazing work together for the animals of Romania (Nancy Janes).

Education News

Bulgaria Spayathon

Our campaigns allow RAR to reach communities that have never learned about animal welfare. We have the ability to talk to people and give them education books. We provide other materials that our friends have brought to campaigns such as interactive toys, leashes and collars. Our staff and volunteers lead by example, embracing the puppy that needs a gentle touch, offering deparasite medication to those suffering from parasites and to their guardians to take to other animals at home. We see it all the time at these campaigns: People coming together and offering help to one another. Getting by with help from our friends, and teaching that compassion is the answer. Thank you to everyone who donated deparasite products, collars and leashes, toys and books. and candy

Handing out educational booklets to Romanian children Handing out educational booklets to Romanian children

Thank You

without you we could do nothing! Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay/Neuter International would like to once again thank you, our supporters, who make all this amazing work possible. What started out as a dream during a hiking trip back in 2001 has turned into an amazing journey, meeting like-minded friends, associates and people determined to improve animal lives. Humans benefit from our work as we expand, offering opportunities for jobs and income, all to help animals. Thanks to you, our dearest friends, it works! Have a wonderful autumn! We will be back with the winter newsletter around Christmas time.

With Love,
Nancy Janes
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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(UK Registered Charity Number (ASNI): 1157935)

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Map of animal welfare services that Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. has provided in Romania

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