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Sensing Books
I love books. I mean I really, really love books.
Consider a book as a feast – after all, this is the same way that babies and young children approach everything that they come into contact with.

The book should be wholly and completely a sensory experience.
To be fully and completely devoured, leaving you satisfied and somehow different from how you were before.

Remember, that for a baby, toddler and children with special needs, everything that they come into contact with constitutes a whole new world to explore, experience and examine using all the elements of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing.
There's a reason why our senses are found so close together - around the brain for easy processing!
A book doesn't have to go very far for a baby to investigate and enjoy it thoroughly and completely, engrossing all their senses (and very quickly before horrified mums or librarians take the book away)!
Whenever I use books for a group of babies, toddlers and children with special needs, I consider my materials very carefully.

We must be able to FEAST! - O.K. within reason, I am a librarian after-all!

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