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We hope that you have been enjoying summer and the chance to reconnect with family and friends. As parents, PTA leaders and supporters of children across Oregon, summertime is a chance to recharge and reflect on the past year, while planning for the upcoming year. The new school year brings renewed hope that our children will find success and grow.

As the summer winds down, we begin to think about preparing for back-to-school, back to work, and juggling our many family commitment and activities. Being prepared and organized can make the transition to the new school year easier on the entire family. In our late summer news you will find some tips on getting back into a routine, planning for the new year and how to continue to be involved with your child's school, especially as they go on to middle and high school. We also want to share a few photos and from the May 2016 Volunteer Celebration, where we honored the hard work that goes into making our schools so great. C oncluding our newsletter, PTA Officers will find information specific to their roles in PTA and opportunities especially for leaders.

Please enjoy the remainder of your summer and we wish you a wonderful new school year!

Member News:
Back-to-school can be a really exciting time for the entire family! Start your school routine now to help with the transition from summer to the classroom. Find some useful tips here.

A big part of back-to-school is shopping for supplies and clothing. This can be a challenging time for parents of tweens and teens as you begin to have conversations about clothing. Find some tips here on how to make it a fun time for both kids and parents. As you go through the closets and purge outgrown items, please set aside your donations for the Portland Council Clothing Center. The Clothing Center served nearly 2000 PPS students last school year with gently used and new clothing. For additional information please contact Sharon Meigh-Chang, PTA Clothing Center Director at 503.293.0783 or via email.

Do you have a strategy to save money and time when it comes to back-to-school shopping? Here are some good tips for smart shopping.

Teen students need parents to be involved just as much as any other time in their school lives, but parents tend to back off during this time and parent involvement drops. Research shows that adolescents do better in school when their parents are involved in their lives.
Here are some tips for staying involved in your child's school life.
Education advocacy in Oregon:
Portland Council PTA supports Measure 97 which will increase the minimum tax for large and out-of-state corporations with more than $25 million in annual Oregon sales and bring more money to schools to help address class size, lack of programming and resources as well as maintenance on buildings. You can read more about Measure 97 here and here.

Oregon Governor, Kate Brown recently endorsed the Measure stating “Our state cannot move forward and meet Oregon’s growing needs over the next decade without a more stable revenue base. Measure 97 is an important step forward, and I will make sure the funds the measure yields go towards schools, health care, and seniors, as the voters expect." You can read the press release from Governor Brown's office here.

Oregon PTA Legislative Director, Otto Schell shares his thoughts on Measure 97 and the benefits to our schools here.
Portland Council PTA/PPS Volunteer Celebration:
In late May, Portland Council PTA and PPS hosted the annual Volunteer Celebration to honor volunteers all across the city. Each school was invited to nominate their best and brightest volunteers to represent their school at the Hawaiian Luau dinner and awards ceremony and over 300 volunteers were honored for their hard work and dedication. Portland Council PTA also awarded three very special awards, Principal of the Year, Teacher of the Year and the Aileen Klingforth Outstanding Service Award.

The 2016 Principal of the Year award went to Beth Madison, Principal at Robert Gray Middle School. Principal Beth Madison is an active member of her PTA and her community states that she has “an engagement with parents that is unparalleled”. Students say she’s the best principal the school has ever had and “not only has she given kids endless opportunities to get involved, she has chosen to teach students that learning is not boring and she makes it as exciting as possible.” When Staff members speak of her, they say “her leadership is cohesive, we feel supported and can set goals, take risks and strive to improve while having fun when we give students our absolutes our best”. Portland Council PTA was happy to recognize Beth Madison for her hard work at Robert Gray with the 2016 Principal of the Year award!
The 2016 Teacher of the Year award was awarded to Andrea Schmidt of Bridger School. Andrea is an inspiring teacher who works with families to see kids succeed, and is highly committed to her students and her entire school community. Families at the school say that she supports volunteers in many ways, encouraging them to decide where they can best meet the needs of the classroom. Andrea's colleagues feel fortunate to work alongside her and say she is a priceless member of the staff, working with parents and colleagues to make sure all students receive hands-on real to life activities that connect with math, reading and writing in a fun and engaging way. Portland Council PTA is proud to honor Andrea Schmidt as 2016 Teacher of the Year!

Portland Council PTA was extremely pleased to honor one especially outstanding volunteer for their many years of advocacy and service on behalf of the students of PPS. Otto Schell, has dedicated nearly 20 years of work in the District and his passion and dedication to all students is most inspiring. We were pleased to honor him with the prestigious Aileen Klingforth Outstanding Service Award.
Leader News:
Leadership Training:
To become a unit in good standing with Oregon PTA, all PTA units must have at least 3 officers attend leadership training each year. There are two training dates scheduled for the Portland area, August 27 and September 24. Find more information and register here.
PTA Officer Lists:
Training and Back-to-School information and other valuable program information will be coming to you soon via email. In order to receive all PTA communication, please ensure that your PTA Officer information is entered at Oregon PTA.
Back-to-School Kit:
The National PTA Back-to-School Kit is a great resource for PTA Leaders! All PTA Leaders will find useful information on running your PTA. It's completely digital and mobile too! Register today here to receive access!
Leadership Resources:

Portland Council PTA has a number of leadership resources for leaders:

Follow our Blog here for guidance and information as you lead your PTA.
Consult our website for up to date information and news.
See our Monthly Leadership Checklists here- we currently have President's checklists available and will be adding additional leader checklists soon.

Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for resources and information you can share with your communities.

Leaders, do you know someone who wants a new career helping kids? First Student is looking for new drivers! There is another plus- If a PTA successfully recruits a school bus driver and the driver completes the training course and 90 working days, then First Student will write a check for $500 to your school. Read more HERE.
PTA Clothing Center & Student Aid Fund:

The PTA Clothing Center exists to assist PPS students with clothing needs. This is an absolutely vital program for the students who use the service. Last school year, nearly 2000 students were served by an astounding 4500 volunteer hours! Thank you for all your work this year! The PTA Clothing Center, located at Marshall HS Campus will re-open for students the week of August 22-25, from 9:30 am-1:30 pm. Students will be able to receive clothing prior to school beginning. The Clothing Center will need volunteers that week to assist students. If you would like to schedule to volunteer that week, please contact PTA Clothing Center Director, Sharon Meigh-Chang via email. The Clothing Center relies on our PTA's to provide volunteers for your scheduled day. These volunteers do not have to be PTA members- they can be anyone at the school that wants to help out. Find out when your PTA is scheduled to volunteer here.

The PTA Student Aid Fund has a long history, dating back to 1923. It was established to assist students with requests for items necessary for their success, which might not be covered by other services in PPS or via PTA. The Portland Council Student Aid Fund may be used for shoes, eye exams/glasses, necessary class fees and or materials (not tuition) or an emergency bus pass (once per year) and other special needs. The Student Aid Fund will not pay for general school supplies. Clothing requests are funded only after a visit to the Portland Council PTA Clothing Center, or when the student's needs can't be met. Applications are available at each school's office. If you have questions, please contact Jackee Duvall, Student Aid Director for more information.

Every school in PPS last year had students using these worthwhile services, even in the most affluent schools. Both the Clothing Center and the Student Aid Fund rely on PTA and private donations to provide these very necessary services. Please consider earmarking a donation from your PTA this year to assist with these programs. All funds donated go directly to the purchase of clothing and services for students in PPS.
Lisa Kensel
Portland Council PTA
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